Truletic started when renowned hand surgeon, Dr. Mark Ciaglia, encountered athletes from all levels of competition with debilitating hand injuries. Having treated baseball injuries for players from minor to major leagues, Dr. Ciaglia recognized the impact of hand injuries to a player's season and career.
In collaboration with surgical colleagues, experts from MIT and UCLA, as well as professional baseball players, the team worked to develop a batting glove which protects critical structures within the hand. Through careful design, testing, and analysis, the Truletic Protective Batting Gloves were born-protecting players and performing to professional competition levels. These cutting-edge gloves represent years of expertise and research, providing unmatched hand protection, and allowing athletes to play freely on the plate.

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The Team


Dr. Mark Ciaglia, renowned hand surgeon, founder and owner of Truletic

Dr. Mark Ciaglia has always had a passion for solving problems. The Chicago native knew from a young age he wanted to become a surgeon.  Studying the complexities of the hand and solving the many issues from pediatric congenital to advanced stage arthritis become his daily routine.  However, through his intense study of hand mechanics and treating many high profile athletes he sought to solve the problem of protecting the hand from almost any high impact injury.

Dr. Ciaglia lives in The Woodlands, TX with his wife Susanne, a certified nurse health coach, and their two children Gianna and Dominick.  When not treating patients Dr. Ciaglia spends his time flying competition aerobatics in his biplane. 

His two passions feed each other’s energy.  The precision required to fly aerobatics allows Dr. Ciaglia to be focused, meticulous and safe as a surgeon when on the ground.





Dr. Charles P Melone Jr. MD, renowned hand surgeon and collaborator in development of the Truletic Protective Batting Gloves

Dr. Charles P Melone Jr.  MD is the Chief of Hand Surgery and Professor of Orthopedics at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai Beth Israel Medical Center as well as the director of the Hand Surgery Fellowship Program.  Throughout his career he has served as the hand consultant and surgeon for numerous professional and amateur sports teams.







Derek Hurley is excited to be on the Truletic Team, combining his baseball career with his business marketing background

Derek Hurley grew up on Staten Island, NY. He attended college at Seton Hall University on a baseball scholarship. Upon graduating with a Business Marketing Degree, he was drafted in the 1999 MLB Draft by the Pittsburgh Pirates. After 4 years with the Pirates, he spent 1 season in the Atlantic Baseball League.

After playing, Derek spent 1-year coaching at LIU-Brooklyn (NEC Conf).  He then spent time in the Medical and Financial fields. Derek returned to baseball in 2013 opening his own youth baseball training facility in Houston TX.

He is excited to be on the Truletic team, combining his baseball career along with his business marketing background. "The batting glove has not evolved much since the beginning of baseball. Being a part of a group that is utilizing doctors, technology, and data to bring a revolutionary product to market is exciting and much needed in the game today." Derek resides in Houston, TX with his wife Cristin and daughter Kaitlyn.




Andrea Lauer is a designer and inventor who resides in New York City and produces multi-media experiences with a focus on the human form.Andrea Lauer is a designer and inventor who resides in New York City and produces multi-media experiences with a focus on the human form. Lauer’s credits include Rolling Stone, American Vogue, the Grammy Awards and Broadway. She is the Founder and Chief Creative Officer of Risen from the Thread a design thinking and innovation agency focused on the human body and its relationship with technology and a sustainable Jumpsuit line RISEN DIVISON.  Client categories include fashion, marketing, fine art, medicine, sports, and entertainment. She was chosen as one of Randi Zuckerberg's #52Womenin52Weeks and is a 2017 MIT Media Lab Directors Fellow. (







Christina Sicoli is an industrial and brand designer, with a user-centric approach to design.

Christina Sicoli is an industrial and brand designer, with a user-centric approach to design. Deriving inspiration from the interactions between people, objects and spaces, Christina aims to facilitate seamless relationships between them through intuitive design solutions. Her aesthetic strikes a balance between functionality, beauty, and simplicity.

Christina's acclaimed works have been featured across various media, from printed publications to online blogs including Design Milk and Yanko Design. She has also had the chance to showcase her works in exhibitions around the world, winning several awards and accolades.