Truletic Affiliate Program

Become a brand ambassador. Earn commissions 
for each sale you refer to Truletic.
Do you love our products? So do we. Our Affiliate Program allows you to earn commissions promoting your favorite Truletic products.  Take the following steps to join our program and get started on your first referral campaign.

Step 2 Receive an email welcoming you to the program.

Step 4 Visit the Program Summary Page and review the Program Terms Section.

Step 5 On the Dashboard Page, click on the document icon on the Your Referral Link to copy your affiliate referral link to your clipboard.

Step 6 Visit the Marketing Assets Page and download materials needed for your referral campaign.

Step 7 Paste your referral link from your clipboard into an email, website or social media channel for distribution to your network.

Step 8 Follow all restrictions on the distribution of your referral link to your network as outlined on the Program Summary Page.

Step 9 Earn commissions  whenever someone clicks your referral link and makes a valid purchase on the Truletic website.

The graphic below provides an overview of How the Truletic Affiliate Program Works.  In addtion, be sure to review the Frequently Asked Questions Section below for answers to common questions.  If you continue to have questions regarding the Truletic Affiliate Program, feel free to contact us at  We'll answer your questions and get you started with your first referral campaign, so you can begin earning commissions today!  

Frequently Asked Questions